Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Beer Abroad

Well I've got a trip to England/Amsterdam coming up in January. And it should be a blast. We're going to be out in the York area for 4 or 5 days in England first for a wedding, with a bit of sight seeing if the weather cooperates. I was hoping to visit some english pubs and sample some of the brews there, fortunetly the chap getting married is a fellow home brewer and he'll direct me I'm sure to where appropriate ale's etc may be obtained once we dry out his cellar.

My real question here is about Amsterdam and where to hit for beer. Have any of you all spent any time there not in one of THOSE bars. Due to work drug testing requirements, my imbibe-ments must stay in the realm of booze. Also any cool things not to miss are also in my interest.

I'm looking forward to doing some rainy pedaling around Europe. :)

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