Thursday, November 06, 2008

Cross Promotion

Come out to the Palace of Wonders this Saturday, November 8, 2008.
"I Love the 80s" Edition
Palace of Wonders
1210 H St., NE Washington DC 20002
10 p.m. / $10 > New pretty site design! Check it out!

Celebrate or commiserate election results whatever side o'the isle yer on!!
* Groove to 80s beats by DJ P-VO
* Costume Walk Off in 80s Gear - Win Fabulous Prizes!! Duh!?
* ALL 80s BURLY ACTS!!!!!
* STARRING Dulce de Leche - gorgeous & glamorous straight from NYC!!!
* JUST ADDED! The sideshow feats of Coney Island Chris - The Geek ... The Freak ... The Human Oddity!
* Hooping, Fire Dance and Burly-Q from our favorite danger diva Miss Joule!
* Local chanteuse and emerging burly gurly, Poppy La Rouge!
* From Charm City & Gilded Lily Burlesque, the sexy spitfire Little Luna!
* DC's own leggy lovely, Sugar Ann Spice
* Dutch Oven founder and goof-ball extraordinaire, L'il Dutch
* MC & resident perv Gary Gutter with his arsenal of sick and wrong jokes
* Too-Cute-to-be-Legal Stage Kitten Lauren Marleaux

Cross posted since my wyf is such a great sport about doing my stuff, I should pimp her events.

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