Monday, November 17, 2008

Trailwork Time

Got to go out to Patapsco for some TW yesterday. It was a good time really, a bunch of folks from the bliss were there and I got to shoot the shit with them during and afterwards. We went to some place in Columbia MD afterwards that had a really impressive set of beers and some good chow. Regular's seen included Steve, Donna, Miley, Mike K, Paul H, Jay, Eric, Jason, David (Dave?) and some of the others I've only met a few times like the Fred Rock Crew. 34 People there for Tw. Nice.

In other news I've almost gotten my wheel to near perfect true I think. At least laterally. I think I have a bit of vertical issue but I can't quite tell, so I think I'm gonna go over and have the guys at CB look at it. Also need to pick up a set of new tubeless valves.

Riding Forecast
Might try and get a shorty in this afternoon if the wheel is done.
Thursday - Looks like we finally may be back at wakefield. Nice!
Next Week - Rain on Tuesday at Rosey maybe they'll move it to Wednesday.

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