Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday Again and Again

Well Monday has rolled around as it usually does. And so far the score for the weekend is

Bike Maintenance Tasks .5'ish of 4.
Beer Bottled 1 of 4
Bottles are cleaned and ready to go into the sanitizer, I just worry I'm a few bottles short, I may try bottling to a growler.....Any comments????
Burlesque Shows Finished 1 of 1 - It was awesome, the wyf rocked with Adam Ant and the old school Madonna. Photo's up sooner or later.
House Picked Up 2 of 4
Leaves Raked - 2 of 4.
I think I will get the bottling done tonight regardless.

For now it's not been a bad weekend. I'm gonna drink a tall boy and research bottling to growlers now.

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend.

1 comment:

DT said...

Bottling in growlers is cool, just make sure you adjust your amount of bottling sugar and they'll probably take a little longer to carbonate.