Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I'd just gone downstairs to toss a salmon fillet in the broiler and I hear my wife yelling, I was like HU? I thought she was on a conference call, so I hustle up stairs. And first thing I notice is the scent of burning electronics. I ask is she alright and she says yes but the cat puked on the cable box and it started burning and sparking and she unplugged everything and she wants me to check and make sure its all off. So I throw the master switch on the power strip just in case, but she unplugged everything already.

Turns out the cat hurled then hung around checking the sparks and smell out.
She threw the cat off.
Unplugged everything while yelling on her con call
She disconnected right as I came up.

Right now she's explaining to the group on the phone what happened and she's laughing away.

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