Friday, April 06, 2012

Cool Ridings

Great night out on the trail last night, got out a bit late and spent a while shooting the breeze with Mark Cox in the parking lot before starting my ride so I only got in 5 or 6 miles before not the 10 or so I wanted. But it's all good. Had a huge ton of riders out I think near 30! Crazy! 4 Groups, a Casual Minus, the Casual (Plus'ish), Moderate, and a Mix Kids Ride.

Damn good.

Intermediate was huge with 14 riders, casual started with 6 but dropped to 5 after 1 member jumped ship to Intermediate.

The main ride covered almost 11 miles. So total I got near 16/17 I think. Weather was perfect at first, I was able to wear just a jersey on my top, but as sun went down I was very glad I added the tech-layer under. After the ride everyone was freezing and it wasn't quite 50. A lot of us forgot to take into account that it was cooler.

Joel K won the grand prize for turning a fleece blanket into a super warm cape. I should have taken a picture. It was hilarious. Especially with him in shorts and flip flops. If he had long hair he could have been the Super Lebowski!

Also scored one of my FAVORITE beers at Giant last night, Leffe Brune. I like it way better than the regular Leffe Blonde. More malty, less yeasty. Hoping to see some non-chilled so I can archive another 6 of it at least.

2 Shows at The Filmore that I want to see. The Cult on June 12 and The Big Faux 4 on June 8. A bunch of mostly chick bands covering metal bands. Supposed to be pretty damn cool.

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