Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spring Rebuilding and Rainy Days

Wow. It's been a while. Last few weeks have been really busy between extra work, going to the old house, and riding a bit. Bike's been showing some signs of un-happiness so last week I order a few major parts to fix a bunch of the crud. Including a new SLX crankset and a few other things. Last night I started the clean up and rebuild. I pulled the old crankset and the bb-30 PITA and cleaned the who set, before re-installing the BB30 and then installing the new SLX cranks. Felt a bit lighter, but I will say the arms while being HollowTech do feel more durable. The interesting bits I noticed is my m550 I pulled off is the same as whats on the SLX, just better spindle/arms I think. Also cleaned and lubed the cables, pulling the housings out and cleaning all the good bits of gunk out. Nasty. A new rear d-hanger was also on the menu, but that meant playing with shifting. Today I'm going to try and pickup a Bash Guard and some other stuff, and maybe a new chain setup specifically for 2x10. That means I've gotta pull the 42, install the BG, possible do the chain, and also need to replace the front disc pads. Again. They are nearly done I noticed. Stupid organics burn quick! Last week I had a good ride on Tuesday at Cabin John doing trailwork recon and Thursday had a decent ride at Wake-o-tink. Oh wait, no it sorta sucked. I was off my game and fell down 1x and nearly wiped out 3 others. My brain was either to active or the eyes/body/mind weren't connecting right. The groups pace was a mess and we had 3 mechanicals. I was done as of hitting the lot at 8:10. Usually I would have pushed on to 8:30. Had a Deviant Dales from Oskar Blues. Awesome. Had a couple others. Then this week I hit a few bars and enjoyed in addition Flying Dog's In Heat Wheat, Oskar Blues G'Knight Red on Draft, Mooseriver Porter, and an Oyster Stout from Ireland that was a bit too Oyster heavy. The porter was excellent. Pictures to come. Also I don't rave about food very often, but hot damn. Went to 8407 Kitchen bar the other night and had Duck Proscuitto wrapped Dates, stuffed with goat cheese. Yum. Yum. Yum. Off to pickup parts/etc.

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