Friday, April 27, 2012

It's always sweet to ride on a newly tuned ride.  The speed of the shifts, the general quietness of the gears and chain meshing well.  It's really nice. 

And then you hit a branch/stick of minimal size that decides to dance in your chainline.  You pull it out and ride on but shifting is OFF.  Eventually  you stop and give it the evil eye.  OH!  The rear D is up at about 60 degrees above normal.  A swift kick and it's back in place.  A bit of grinding and an occasional ghost shift/pop now.  GRRRR.  Back to the lab tonight I guess. 

The bash guard I ordered yesterday is apparently out of stock, so I'm SOL on that for the moment.  Going to post up on the forums and see if anyone has a 34 or 36 T 104 BCD bash guard. 

Good ride though ended up with 15.5 miles logged so I figure close to 17 miles total.

Bad choice in clothes taking only the woolie.  It was WAY to warm and didn't cool down until later last night.  Trails were damp but not muddy at all.  Should be good by today.  Most of the mud I picked up was on the CCT and riding a construction path near the tennis courts at Wakefield. 

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