Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Camped Out 2013 - Part 1

I need a vacation.  From my last vacation.   Man Camp is always more adventure than I remember from the previous times, the good memories and time really dull the annoyances, that at times leave many individuals ready to pull out our hair.  Regardless it was a great weekend of riding, hiking, living, and in general behaving badly. 

I left early opting to skip Sherando on Friday by scooting out early Thursday morning.  But I was late leaving, and 10,000 bathroom breaks put in me in Pisgah at 3PM'ish.  After a brief consult of the guide book I opted for a shorter ride of Gumstead Gap.  It was a great ride even with a missed turn down an old out of use trail section.  Ran into a local named Rick who guided me to a great overlook of an amazing waterfall.  Finished up the ride, hit the local Holiday Inn Express (tons of bikers) and then went to Jordan Street Cafe.  Ran into Rick and his lady Heather and a bunch of other biking locals.  Great pasta dinner and beer.  Sacked out by about 10/10:30. 

Up at 8 and out to Dupont by 9:30.  Rode a bunch of the Northside trails I hadn't fully explored on my last visit.  What a workout and ride.  Back down to The Hub for some beers, some maps and a jersey.  Hit arby's at 3 and back to Asheville for a visit to The Wedge brewery.  Enjoyed a fabulous Porter and an Iron Rail IPA.  Damn.  Now it was about 5 and I took the Northern route back up 26 and east on some country roads to Banner Elk. 

Meanwhile Team Man Campers were just hitting Roanoke after Sherando.  Oy.  3+ hours behind.

Eventually I hit Boone a bit before 8.  Walked around and called the campers they were between Roanoke and Wythesville I think and had eaten dinner.  I went off in search of food.   Some good looking places but I didn't feel like anything bar'ish and I didn't want fancy or Pizza so I hit Our Daily Bread and had a great sandwhich and beer.  Messed around a bit more and decided to move up close to the route the Campers were coming in on near 105 off 421.  At the Lowes Market (grocery not HW!)

2 Hours later the Campers arrive and we spend 45 minutes raiding the store for food and b33r.  Eventually after a missed turn we hit the cabin at about 11:45PM.  Oy.  And it's near 2 before we're all settled and ready'ish for bed.  A few hit the hot tub.  I think it was 3 before I sacked out.  Ahead of use we had a EPIC ride awaiting. 

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