Monday, April 22, 2013

Moving along the trail

Back on the trusty volpe for the first time in 2 weeks and it feels different, a good different.  A steel CX bike is a different pony than a CF roadie.  2 Totally different arrows in the same quiver.  Flat Blade versus a point tip.  I can easily see the difference in the ride the 2 have, though the carbon bike is impressive in how well it does soak up road roughage. 

Getting on the MTB after the roadie is always a huge change, it felt positively.....lumbering?  Slow?  I dunno at first.  But as the night rode on, the fun returned, the quick hard turns, the power slide to trick around a bend, the bounce and push over a tree pile or two or three.    The swooping fun.  The horrid sucking climbs.  It was all good as the temps dropped.  The chill of your sweat on a fast downhill.  I eeked out probably 14'ish miles with 11 miles with the group.  Lots of fun.  20 plus riders out in the whole group, our small group of 2 made it a blast.  Even did the shitty end climb back from the damn of Accotink.

One more big ride this weekend and then Tuesday I'll bike in and that's all she wrote for pre-trip riding.

Saturday was an errands day since I worked late.  Sunday I did more chores/cleaning in the AM and hit CJ in the evening followed with a visit to Hard Times for chili, wings and beer post ride.  Damn good!

Monday morning it was sooo damn cold, 35 when I left the house!  I was way tooo tired and it was way to cold to ride in.  Now I'm left with a conundrum:  Tuesday.

Opt 1 - Ride to work 15 casual miles round trip
Opt 2 - Ride WF/Accotink after work - 10 or so semi-casual MTB miles
Opt 3 - Xterra Training ride at WF and 3 mile run. 
Opt 4 - 1&2
Opt 5 - Fuck it, go drinking.

I'm leaning towards Opt 6 for sure.

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