Friday, April 12, 2013

Carbon in the Now.

We're carbon based life forms.  It's a fact.  There is a dune buggy on mars trying to determine if there is other C based life or perhaps something really different. 

Early April became a bust for riding, though I did do my first trailwork in a LONG time at Accotink last sunday helping with a BIG rock armoring project that we doubled the planned length of.  Turned out super nice after riding it last night, really fun to descend.  A wee bit of a challenge. 

But did 2 days of bike commuting this week and that was good, might ride in tomorrow morning not sure for 3.  Plus I did work from home 1 day so 2 days of driving is not bad.  When I consider I was doing 6 days of near 30 miles thats 180 miles a week versus about 30 miles now.  That could drop 7K off my annual mileage a year. 

FYI - In breaking news the Vuvuzelu is apparently a dangerous weapon in South Africa.

Darius apparently managed to yank the entire seat tube came out of the frame.  The pictures are pretty wild.   I will try and link em here later. 

This weekend I have to do TAXES and pickup a shipment at UPS.  Ugh.  Think I will try UPS after work directly then try and maybe do taxes tonight.  Should get a fed refund.  VA is a mess due to issues with address changes not taking till last march/april versus 2 years ago so I still have to reclaim 3/4 months of md taxes.  I should end up with a bit back from that also.

Riding a  bit more this week, next week needs to be pretty epic then taper into the trip week.  I'm not ready but fuck it.  I'm gonna try and make up for my lack of fitness by loosing a few more lbs.  I'm fluctuating around 200-205 on work scale so I think 195 may be possible with being a good little boy for the next 2 weeks.  I hope. 

Other than the insane 3 days of near 90 degree or more heat I'm ready for spring!

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