Monday, April 15, 2013

Rolling in the Hills

Went out yesterday on 16 miler and had a nice ride with J.  We rolled up MacAurthur Blvd from Glen Echo to Falls Rd in Poto-mac, then explored one of the huge uber-rich hoods.  Damn!  Big money for sure.  We rolled back on Oaklyn to Persimmon Tree Rd.  On the way we picked up a straggler and he rolled with us that entire section.  54 year old dude who had ridden out from NE DC on Rhode Island ave area.  We split while he took a break at the PT/McA Blvd intersection. 

The rolling hills in the hood were a blast on the bike and I wasn't even trying to power thru.  I did pop on the big climb up from Old Anglers to the end of the first big hill but I recovered quickly but J was struggling so I rolled slow.  So slow my gps thought I wasn't moving except about 14.6 miles vs 16.4 sigh.

Mancamp is 2 week so or less out and I'm not where I want to be fitness wise, but I am better off than I was I suppose a month ago, going to finish strong this next 7 days then back off till the trip.

No Pantera huh.  I wonder about Apocalyptica, I present instead:  Inquisition Symphony. 

Mellow jams aside I'm looking forward to a long weekend the hell outa dodge. 

Gonna try and either run 5 or bike 30 tonight.  Not sure which yet.  May have to work late. 

Trying to also make a decision on the pointless fundraise ride of the year - 100 Miles to No Where.  A 100 mile rd up and down a section of the WOD or  30/40 loops of the neighborhood.  Not sure what I can do and stand before loosing it.  Or is is it already a lost cause??

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