Thursday, May 23, 2013

Development Arresting

Clip and Walk was what happened Monday.  Sure I rode my bike into the area and in between work area's but riding isn't really a valid description.  I did get most of the outside perimeter trail trimmed.  Also cleared the north entrance (but not the trail) and the southern entrance.   Also made a good dent into clearing the little used trail behind the lower ballfield.  It's a safer exit than the southern entrance for sure, you don't have to make the hard right or end up in traffic.   Or you may end up being on the recieving end of the next Emma Way of Norwich England who just hit the cyclist knocking him off the road into a shrubbery.  Hopefully the Knights of Ni go and deal with that uppity wench forthwith.

Hitting the trails today then I'll ride in again on Friday on the road I hope.  143 Miles'ish into May so far, this should put me near 170 before the weekend. 

And in the cosmic jokes of the week, a friend sent J flowers since our elder cat Merlin was put to sleep last week.  Well it included Lily's.  Lily's are VERY poisonous to cats.  Stupid remaining cat decided to chow down on some fallen leaves/etc.  He is now enjoying a 3 day stay at the vets.  At a cost of a small country's daily GDP.  Sigh.  I think in the last 2 months cat bills/etc are going to have topped the cost of a VERY nice mountain bike. 

They do say the average American household is now spending 15K per pet over it's lifetime in food and care. 

For now this is my weekend plan.

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