Monday, April 07, 2014

MORE mechanicals 2014 - A weekend rules.

The Weekend is coming.   In just 4  more days I will have 2 days off again.  Woke up at normal work time on Saturday but rolled back over and managed to sleep till 730 when the 3 beers from the night before demanded I really get up or burst like Grampa Simspon on the way back from the Duff theme park.

Errands and shit most of saturday.  It was actually a pretty busy day.  Finally replaced the old Motorola Droid with a new HTC One M8.  It's bad ass.  A tad large but otherwise I totally dig it.  Battery life rocks, sunday I played music, web surfer, facebook, mapped and took photo's while trail riding and at 10:30 (15+ hours) had 55% left.  Versus the old phone would have MAYBE been at 10% with similar usage.

New pads in the rear of the MTB made a huge difference, though the grabby/rub at first sucked some of my soul out on Sunday.

Went up to Gambrill on Sunday to do Punga's ride and had a great time the first half then one of the riders rear hub started failing and so I went back to the lot with him.  7 Miles total, we were lucky he could road ride back, just no real coasting or chain suck went horribly.  Went down and picked up some specialty Rye for a friend at an MD liquor store and then hit the 2 northern sections of CJ.  I didn't do the lollipop off of the Goya area but did everything else though I didn't ride back on trails due to running a bit late. 

Grilled up some steak, salmon and sausages to cap off a solid weekend.

Tomorrow it's back on the bike for commuting. 

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