Wednesday, April 09, 2014

That late in the season push.

Last week marked the start of the late in the spring season push.  Due to March's entire suck-ass-ed-ness (I'm ordering studded tires this spring/summer for next year), I'm just now starting to up my fitness push.

Jan - 15 Hours, 154M, 14 Activities
Feb - 8 Hours, 87M, 8 Activities
Mar - 12 Hours, 112M, 13 Activities
Apr - 7 Hours, 72M, 8 Activities, plus 1/15/1 for today's commute once it's logged.

Since starting on Strava last year I avg 23/265/19 and peaked in Sept with 31/420/21

April has to be a BIG month for me.  May brings Man Campage in NC with the fella's.  That's a season definer.

June is the NoVA epic, and my annual MTB trip.  To where?  I dunno.  NY?  VT?  Camp and Ride. 
20 Activities a month is pretty sustainable.  25 is my goal.  Though unless I continue 3x a week commuting ALL year my 250 goal is a bit of a stretch.  Especially now that I'm working 5 days a week instead of 6.

Big options this weekend, hoping for a shjed ride on Saturday.  Then either a 40 mile gravel ride with Pete on Sunday or epic cleanout at J's.

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