Thursday, February 28, 2008

Technical Frustration

Went to ride at Wake tonight. Got all geared up, unloaded the bike started mounting everything, pumped up my leaky tire went to give it a test rolll in the lot. Good to go it seems, ride was getting ready to head out and.....blirp..... My light won't off, try again. nope. DAMN it. Unplug, replug....Nothing. Fuxor!!!!! NO ride for me tonight. At least I didn't make the pilgrimage out to Rosary as I had started to contemplate earlier in the afternoon. THAT WOULD HAVE BLOWN!

New brakes seem to be good but I need to do some more adjusting to get the power to where it should be and get the rotor to stop squealing while breaking.

Now to find out if i can get that damn light working myself or if it's off to repair land tommorow. Damn. And I can't justify a second (backup) at this time. Probably will be june at least. Oh well.

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