Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Too Much Rest???

Feast or famine in all things it seems. Last week I was definitely famine on sleep, moderate on cycling/working out and such. This week I am determined to turn that around and have a good week of sleep and activity. Weather wise though I don't think there are going to be many rides, so it's probably the gym. I caught up on sleep majorly on sunday with almost 11 hours of beautiful sleep, monday I got another 9 I think.

At the gym yesterday I upped my A program weights on many of my exercises, where I am now doing

4x8 Step ups at 40#
3x10 Squat Explosions at 25#
Pushups I did 17 first set, then I did 14 and 12 respectively, thats a huge jump.
Pull ups 5 chin ups 4
3x10 Lunges at 25# (didn't increase this one..lefty is still too weak).
3 30Second Planks
Then i did 20 minutes of intervals on the stationary bike.

Today, its been feasting on Chili. My 2nd Tier boss brought in some great chili, spagetti, fixins, cornbread and brownies. I pigged down on 1 bowl of spagetti and chili then a bowl of just spagetti. UGH. Damnit.

I need a nap. :)

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