Monday, February 18, 2008



I met with a ton cool people near Quantico VA this morning and we went down to Ashland VA and rode Poor Farm. It ended up with 8 DC folks, and 5 locals/semilocals from the Richmond Area. We had a very knowledgable leader, Kevin and Dave as sweep. They hooked us up some great loops. We ended up riding near 13 miles. I was with the faster group till really the last few miles. And I probably could've/should've hung in and pushed harder.

This is the Map Player of my ride!

The weather was frickin AMAZING!
70 Degrees, Nice Breeze, Trail was moist. BBQ afterwards and finding out it had been raining on and off in DC made today's ride TRULY PRICELESS! The new rear wheel was awesome, I ran it at around 38 psi, but probably would have been cool in the mid/low thirty's. Climbed really well, and was solid. Gonna monkey with them a bit more soon.

Rain on the way home cleaned up the bike nicely.

Great place to ride, gotta get down there with the wife on a planned ride this spring.

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