Friday, February 22, 2008


I need a nap.....No, I need 4 more hours of sleep. I have no frickin clue how I used to run on 4 hours sleep regularly in CA.

Anyways, I got home from my ride at 9:30 to find my new Juicy 7's waiting for me. And my wife panicking about possible Copper compound exposure. After reviewing the MSDS and other stuff I saw it was potentially pretty nasty but her symptoms were only of minor inhalation. Still worrying I took her to the ER at 10:30'ish. Fortunetly not much of a line. By 1am they had decided based on CDC/Posoin Control info that it was best to keep her in for 12 more hours of observation in case of the Pulmonary edema, a build up of fluid in the lungs. I had to run home and pick up her meds (a mile and change from the ER to home). I got back home at about 1:50 AM. I got up to go to work early due to frickin ice/sleet/freezing rain storm here in DC at 5:40. Ugh.

The ride, I wasn't ready for the accotink preride so I just went and tooled around the regular area's. I did 5 miles and headed back. The group returned 10 minutes after me. We all then spun out as a big group of 11 riders, alas I was already pasted and struggled to keep up with the moderate pace the leader was on. So after 5 and change more miles I spun off to get another GU and ride a bit slower. I did 5 more almost after that for a total of 15.1 miles in an hour and 50 mins. 7.8'ish miles per hour. The gps I started late recorded 14 miles, though it did miss the first half mile at least.

Power Nap Time at work.

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