Friday, March 30, 2012

Nice weather for a night ride

Last night was a great night for riding, honestly if I wasn't sorta sick I probably would have ridden for another hour. Cool, trails were good and had a good group.

Had a monster group in casual with 12 riders to start with. We got most of Accotink in one way. Another few weeks and we'll be able to do both ways I bet. Normally I don't get to this point till maybe June. Everyone is riding stronger this year I think.

Had a monster group at kilroys' probably 12-13 people. Good times and the PLB fund is now +$20.

Slept soooo bad. Kept waking up, sleeping restlessly feeling dry so I drank water. I think I actually had a slight fever maybe. Just really miserable. I think from 2 till 5:45 I slept okay. Should just adjusted my alarm clock out to 6:35 instead of leaving it at 6:10. Ugh.

I REALLY want to go to Raystown on Sunday but right now I have to feel a LOT better tomorrow. Also debating driving up on Saturday night and staying in a hotel so I can sleep in a bit versus getting up at 6 on Sunday.

Mass Effect 3 recovery plan for tonight.

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