Monday, March 19, 2012

Good Week of riding

Even though it was a short week, last week was a good week of riding. Thursday I got in near 15 miles at Wakefield and yesterday I went north to The Shed and did close to 20. Though the GPS says 16.3, my other friend logged 17.3 with push less and moving a bit faster. I'm going to guess on top of that it dropped at least 10% if not 20%.

Had a ton of mechanicals include 2 flats or was it 3. Plus a destroyed derailleur hanger at the start of Rock Candy. Fortunately the gent had a spare.

Neat day to ride started off VERY foggy and wet. I was soaked pretty well thru the morning, but once we started to head back up the mountain towards vandal things were pretty clear and drying. Vandal was mostly dry. I feel like I even got some sun on my neck!

This week may be a bit rough for getting rides due to scattered storms. I've got paperwork stuff to do tonight on FSA catch up for 2011. But it is staying warm. Stuff is sooooo green already.

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