Friday, March 23, 2012

Allergy Hell.

Woke up this morning with a most lovely scratchy throat and my eyes feeling like I took a few "fun" punches from Mike Tyson back in his glory days. Swollen and itchy to say the least.

So it was off to the Midget to get food and allergy drugs this morning on the way to work. Now I'm enjoying a light and admittedly tasteless Bob Evans breakfast thing. I can now also see my monitors at work, so that's a win!

Last nights WF/AT ride turned out better than I thought it would. I was feeling REALLY un-motivated on the way to the ride and when I first got there, so my pre-ride didn't even start till just before 6. My legs felt okay but I just didn't have the "Go forth and conquer" spirit. Apparently though once the group portion started I changed into my alter ego, Hell Ride Leader and nearly at one point caught up to the Intermediates. OOps. A bit fast.

We rode Accotink in a slightly new way for me and as we were running out of time/light I cut us out to the gravel a bit early and we ended up taking the long way back and was it dark by the time we got under the Braddock Rd bridge. Too bad I didn't have my lights! Oops back to the car for my headlamp. And off I went.

Finished up with Punga, JoJo and a new guy who I can't remember his name. Technically new guy is wrong, he lead casual a number of years ago after Pete B quit. He's just getting back in after a while out.

The Gemini Xera continues to impress me. It was fine for riding WF on medium by itself last night. Did notice it was a tad warm but hey temps are WAY up also. Not like it's 50 or 40 out at night now.

I've gotta start making myself shower at night, not just fall into bed and pass out.

This weekend is looking pretty light on the biking front due to incoming weather and commitments to doing stuff, was hoping for a ride down in DC on Sunday but who knows.

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