Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Back in the NVA!

Back in the DC Area. Damn warm, must hit mid 70's today, almost as warm as Orlando was yesterday (84). Crazy!

My brother is about 80% better according to him, he just gets stiff and sore over night. Not surprised, followed my guess nearly exactly.

Lots of good beer at WOB while in O-town this week including, Stone Sublimely Self Righteous, Old Rasputin on Draft, MadRiver Steelhead and others. Gotta say I'm back in the IPA frame of mind and belgian wheats. Especially down there.

Picked up at Speakeasy - Butchertown Black IPA. Big fan of there regular IPA, kinda like Rogue Dead Guy, but hoppier of course.

Awesome riding weather on deck tomorrow. Stoked for the return of regular Accotink season and such.

Cleaned the bike up from the mud-fest that the CCT was 2 weeks ago. Ugh. It was gross. Also cleaned and lubed the seat post, and realized also my rear break pads are shot. Picked up a new set to put in tomorrow at REI.

Starting to think about my early summer bike trip. Coldwater Mountain in AL is calls, along with FATS in GA. Of course I'd love to have 2 days more of Pisgah and a day at Dupont. Tsali is in the mix. More Ride and then travel days is the big change versus spending a whole week in Pisgah at Davidson River as the Base.

Short trips on deck for PA in early and maybe mid may. Not sure about Dirt fest though. tempting. But the crowds are harshing me a bit. Hmm.

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