Friday, March 09, 2012

Fail. Fail. Fail.

Started off strong this morning, my brother and I were on the road, pretty early for him at 9:30 and we were at Ocala right around 10:45. Tons of people in town for their big Spring Break Fat Tire fest, looks like a ton of Bike Mfg's and others were in town already and setup. Trails were really well marked. Headed out around 11:15, taking Pine Tree around and south to the main entrance to the Vortex area.

My brother made the entry gate ride no problem, hell I freaked a bit on them last year. So we rode some of the basic stuff in the easy side of the vortex, almost pump track like but not fully. We looked at some of the big drops in the quary pit that were all closed due to the rain coming later today. So back we went. Not thinking I went along a elevated boardwalk that drops at foot halfway thru to a lower section. A few seconds later I hear HUFF, crash, WHUFF. Crap.

My brother had tried to follow and gone off right before the drop from the 4ft high section. He was rolling onto his back when I got back. Wheezing. I got his bike out of the way and told him to relax and just breath. Not gonna repeat his response here. Eventually after 10 minutes he sat up and got up but still very sore. Took of his helmet. Good mark on this forehead where the helmet really did it's job.

Other riders came by, apparently I left my bike in the near middle of the trail. Oops. Moved it and came back, now he can speak a bit so I ask him where it hurts. Head, neck, back, stomach, ribs. Another 10 minutes and we go thru the basics. No concussion, arm lift check, collarbone and ribs are mostly okay. Bruised probably. We hang at the picnic tables another 15 minutes and we head back. Sore but riding we take the road and get back to the shop just as it starts to POUR rain! I return the bikes he's trying to get relaxed in the car but really can't.

Long drive back to Orlando.

I fail as a beginning ride instructor is my only conclusion after similar failures with the Wyf and now the Bro-ham. He's resting.

I will ride there again, but I doubt with him again. We'll see, maybe he is made of tougher stuff. Hope this doesn't put him off the bike forever though.

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