Friday, September 14, 2012


So far for the year in Garmin I have logged 999.53 miles of mtb, road, cx, and running miles.  Versus I only had 857 logged last year total.  Though I estimated closer to 1100 total.  I figure I'm already there this year with MTB distance loss, my MTB report gives 530 for the year, not surprised it's looking a bit down.  I honestly thought this year would be the year I got my 2nd day a week off.  I've been working 6 days a week for over 2 years now.  Pretty crazy.  But feeling good to be on pace for an official 1500 mile or more year. Part of me wants to do distance road things Sunday, but another part is hungering to do a MTB ride up in Gambrill then transition and do some of the shed.  Probably will do road as next weekend is an all MTB Blitz!

Looks like I won't make it up to Rattling Creek this weekend, I've got a Festival tomorrow afternoon night, and as noted, next weekend is Davis.

Had a good group of 8 Casual'ites out last night..  Had 29 riders out total and boy by the end did it FEEL cold till I dried off and changed out of my sweaty shirt.  Covered about 10 miles or so.  Had a few crashes slow us and the days of Accotink are really over this next week or maybe the one after for all but the fastest of fools. 

Going to start trying to run a 5PM pre-ride. 

Tomorrow's festival is Theivery Corporation whom I've heard great stuff about for years, and the other big band is Gogol Bordello who I've wanted to see for a while. 

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