Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Who's in da kitchen?

Well my riding collapsed under the forecasted random storms this weekend and still not being fully over my plague from a few weeks ago.  It's re-entered my sinuses.  I almost left work early today due to sinus pain. 

The SM100 was a bit wet this year I hear.  Re-affirming my life choices the endurance mountain biking is for those with not enough to do :)  Or those with a few screws loose.  Some of the tales I've heard are truly shocking and some are typical of the madness.

Maybe I'll take up 24 hour solo racing,  with a team of 24.

All things said much respect to all the racers who do these epic insanely long and hard things.  I'm simply not competitive enough to be interested in that or a strong enough rider to care about shorter things.  I could see myself doing some orienteering mtb stuff someday.

New video up from the summer picnic.  I only have to see myself a few times, though two of them you can only see me if you know what to look for.

Did get in a good short ride tonight, last ride on the CX bike - over a MONTH ago.  Oy.  My posterior is still complaining a bit.

I need to pull apart the frame and treat it with frame saver soon.  I pulled the seat post over the weekend and found some rusty-ness for sure.  Sigh.

Ordered my copy of Reveal the Path the new Mike Dion film, the same guy who did Ride Across the Sky about the Tour Divide Race.  The art book I got is amazing.  Can't wait to see the film, should be here in time for this weekend.

Drank some epic beer over the long weekend including Evolution's - Rise UP Coffee Stout 7%, Double Jack's Double DBA a bourbon barrel aged strong ale at  12%!  And I had the DC Brau/Stillwater - Middle Name Danger - A very tasty farmhouse ale at 7.2%.  Damn. 

Now I'm just waiting for Thursday's TNR.  With Sunset at 7:30 we are rapidly running out of regular riding in Accotink.  Soon it will be Wakefield only.   Joy.   Joy.  Happy.  Happy.

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