Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bike Things Galore

Today I'm taking a co-worker mountain biking with another co-worker who also rides.  The guy has some big box bike he tried riding up at Great Falls (whoops he and those guys didn't know it wasn't open to biking).  So were going to let him try our two nicer bikes and see if he's interested!  Very cool.

Bored, err Board Meeting for the club on Monday was very lively.  But only went 2.5 hours not too bad for a phone meeting.  Big things in the works at a bunch of parks with some great potential publicity for the club and such.  Fall camping trip is next week and I'm stoked. 

Kristen Armstrong's (no relation to that Lance dude) Olympic bikes were stolen, here is a link to the Tumblr post about them describing them and how they were being shipped.  Link Here!

Did some more trimming up on Cabin John last night and managed to tweak something in my left ankle.  No more flats while trimming I guess.  Saw a bunch of riders and even chatted with Mike Stoll a bit about some stuff that could be very cool.  I've now managed to trim the following sections:

Tuckerman to Goya - Fully Trimmed
Tuckerman to Seven Locks - Partial I've trimmed from Tuckerman to the parking lot and then up to the power lines/ball fields.  I need to start at the ball fields and go to the tennis center next. 
Bradley to River Rd.

Also note the park has done work and cleared some stuff to really helping out, and they did some drainage work sometime in the last month or two in the very badly eroded trail from the ball fields to Tuckerman, but it needs more.  Will try and find out about any more to be done in that area.

I like to bike places as much as the next biker and in the last 2 days I've seen people on the section of Seven Locks from River to Bradley.  Thats an extremely narrow road, and I saw a somewhat close call or two during heavy traffic.  The guy riding the fixie eventually passed another rider on a very nice road bike up near Tuckerman Rd. 

Stupid Cyclist Learns He's Not Invincible - Watch More Funny Videos

I hate when I see cyclists doing stupid shit almost as much as when I see drivers doing idiotic things:

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