Friday, September 07, 2012

Back on the CCT South

Last night was the first CCT ride I could find in my connect logs since February!  Thats pretty awesome.  It has in general been soooo dry this summer we've been riding a ton!  

Had a good 19 miles with 2 miles exploring Wakefield to determine if it was rideable.  It wasn't.  So I made the official call for CCT South.  After a bit late start we headed out with some confusion on routing.  I was planning on going Queensbury to the park back entrance, most of the rest headed up the CCT.  Oh well.  I took my group and we caught up after a bit.  I splashed some huge puddles and got a wee dirty.  It was fun.  We then settled in for a pretty relaxed ride up the CCT.  Made it a fairly good way before we hit the 7:45 turn around.  Enjoyed a TSB and headed back. 

I was on the CX bike and so was Ian we took of first due to some of our inability to corner hard etc.  Need some practice but the wet leaves, wet pavement and such were freaking me out, probably being my normally over cautious self. 

The ride back was a blast, I let myself hang back about 2 minutes on one crossing then I got to take off and race down the steep road.  Hit a blazing 27.6 miles per hour barely pushing.  Damn that was fun!

My HR Strap is giving some weird readings that are way low.  Must be time to replace the battery and if that doesn't work replace the strap.  Kinda wanna replace it anyways but will be frugal.

Did order a new MINI stove for camping.  A coworker got one and it's very impressive and a 3.9 ounces tiny and works really well with a great flame range!  Ham and Eggs here I come!  My JetBoil's cooktop issues suck.  It will boil water faster than hell but it's range is a bit limited really temp wise. 

Also did my first bike to work in a REAL long time today and next week looks great with even lower temps predicted!  The gear bag worked really well, next time I will add the laptop to see how that feels with 10lbs of tech instead of a ton of clothes and a spare set of shoes (I'm leaving a new pair here).

This is a really cool photo from a cycle chick blog the title of the shot is Bike Accident.  The soda red really makes it jump out and sorta shocking. 

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