Monday, September 10, 2012

National Tri 2012

Ended up going down to the Capitol due to a false start on a lead on another cool place to ride.  Didn't realize that was why the Cabin John Park Rd was closed in Bethesda earlier in the day. 

3500 of my friends or more doing a Tri.  Needless to say the mall area was a bit of a zoo when I first got down there at Noon.  Sooo many people with their bikes, most walking, a few riding.  Soooo many carrying packs with pumps, obviously self supporting.  But tons of people.  Got good photo's of some of the monuments from the phone, gotta finish upload those today.  Yippiee!   For only a 30 mile ride I was crushed but I also blame that on a light breakfast, and not getting any food while riding also.  Basically by then end it had been 6 hours since my last meal.  OH well. 

Using the center lanes in DC are a blast and they had Penn Ave open to ped's and cyclists for a change and I got a very good shot of the whitehouse.

The weather is amazing, 55 this morning.  Yesterday it hit 84.  Barely broke a hard sweat all day. 

Been getting all the 25 million Patapsco Night Rides up on the 2 calendars and forum.  Eesh.

Debating my ride plan for the week.  I'm leaning towards a shorter ride today maybe a Cap Cresent down to Georgetown and back, thats about 15 miles. 

Trying to figure out if/when I can make a run down to see the old folks in O-town.  Leaning towards mid-october.  Gotta check in with a few people.  See whats what. 

Camping trip is 2 weeks out!  Can't wait to ride somewhere new!  Woo hoo! 

Weather for the next 10 days looks amazing!  I plan to get out and ride or run a ton.  More riding hopefully, want to boost my general distance, do more hills and maybe have a prayer of doing the Seagull in October.

For now I leave you with my slightly off angle photo of The Vampire Hunter Memorial in DC.

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