Thursday, May 16, 2013

Down with a Sickness and a cat and a finger.

Last weeks free-meal-o-rama from work led to no less than 3 fellow co-workers being anywhere from sorta sick to sick as hell with a cold/flu/cough thing that punched my ticket over the weekend.  The last few days I've been operating by the graces of liquid Mucinex cough and cold.  It's helped me mostly sleep at night without too much drainage and coughing.  Though I did have one good fit at bedtime or just after.  But the 2 previous nights i did get at least 6 hours of good sleep before waking to cough/etc. 

Otherwise the suckiness has continued from last weekend un-detered.  Cat had a bad day last thursday again, J said he was in bad shape which he was, Friday was spent on cat watch.  He was doing a bit better but the old guy was just not doing as well as 2 weeks ago before the last dip.  Saturday I went to work for a bit then came home.  J was waffling on taking the guy to the vet to be put to sleep, I convinced her not to since we had mobile vet coming Monday afternoon.  

Monday cat's still not much better and in someways worse he's being a bit more "hidey" spending more time in the basement then out.  But not fully hiding.  Vets come and after 30 minutes of discussion or so we decide enough is enough.  The cancer and the diabetes are just too hard on the guy.  He's not walking well and his  jaw is cracking when eating.  We put him to sleep.  Just after the 1st injection J is feeding him some turkey when he bites her index finger on the right hand at the big joint.  They wash it out and we continue and in a bit the guy is gone.  He was a great cat for sure.  2 years on the big D survival for a 14+ year old cat is pretty impressive.  He was actually at least 15 1/2 by the end, I suspect it could be up to a year more however.  The vet was awesome and handled things really well.  Then informed us J should go to the ER or the minute clinic for antibiotics due to cat bite infections being bad especially in hands.  And off we went. 

2 hours later we were done at the Minute Clinic.  J with a scrip for Kflex.  We ate, came back and got the scrip and went home.  Next morning I went back to work and J woke up sore err and more swelled and went to the ER.  ER gave her IV antibiotics, put it in a cast type thing and had her keep it elevated and return wednesday for a check.  Back yesterday we both went.  Not too busy at 8 but still almost 10 before we saw the PA.  Meanwhile crazy homeless lady in the hospital comes up and rips a bandaid right off J's hand!  We later hear her telling nurse her height is 7 foot 5!  hahaha.  Full on crazy!

J's hand is now in a finger splint only but she is to keep it elevated and soak it in warm water 2x per day.  Tomorrow she has a follow up with a plastic surgeon (huh will it scar that bad?!?!). 

Tonight is Wakefield TNR we have a mod chance of a storm but I think we're going to edge it out again.  Then Friday is Bike to Work Day.  Finally gonna get my tshirt after 7 years!  Well I only road for about 4  years of days.  2 years I mtb'd in thru the mud!  It was nuts.  last year I road the roads.  This year I could hit 2 stops if I wanted Vienna and Reston.  We'll see how time goes.

Hopefully by Sunday I'll feel good enough to lay down a 40-45.  In the next month I've gotta do my 100 miles to no where.  I may have to 2 day it not sure at this point as I have a LOT of commitments and not much time in the next month.

For now I'm off to check on ole one hand (what I call J in reference to Jaime Lanister in Game of Thrones).

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