Monday, May 20, 2013

Humidty is Hell

Got a good ride in on Sunday AM.  Definitely not feeling full awesome yet, but doing better.  Still have a fair amount of chest congestion/crud.  Nothing like coughing while your getting up and seeing a green phlegm ball land on your nice white comforter. 

So I rolled outa bed a bit before 8 and after consulting multiple weather sites I dressed for damp/light right/slight cool with my 3/4 length cycling shorts, bibs, short sleeved jersey and my high vis wind/water shell.  By 8:30'ish I was rolling out.  Hit Vienna and promptly ran into a big 5k run/walk on the WOD heading west.  Sigh.  Cleared that and raced off to Hunters Mill.  At HM I opted to jump of the WOD and try Hunter Station Rd.  ZOMG BFH!  That hill is SERIOUS and I wasn't mentally or physically prepped/rolling fast to start with and it was a slow 3 minute slog.  Up the rest of the way and over on Twin Brooks.  No speed records for sure.  Then back down to the WOD near work.  And out I went, rain had stopped but I didn't want to.  I rode almost to Leesburg.  Really debated going the whole way but the morning was passing and I knew if I kept going partially I might be tempted to go all the way to P-ville and that would be bad.  So I turned around and headed back.  At Smith's Switch I stopped to use the facilities.  And opted to pack the jacket into a jersey pocket.  Sorta.   A bit big.  Back to Vienna was not bad even almost PR'd one section.  Saw several MORE friends on the trail on the way back.  

Only had 2 Lance Waffles on the course of the day so far, so I was starved when I was done.  A PB and honey sandwhich got me thru my shower and setting the washer to wash the nasty cycle wash.  Then it was left over chicken tenders.  I spent the afternoon dragging due to lack of caffeine, so I eventually got one at the store when getting the weekly necessaries.  I also found out Mr.Clean Magic Erasers are awesome at removing random tire scuffs/etc on house walls.   I've been starving since the ride though. 

I also pulled all my winter gear for storage and re-oganizer my closet, much easier to find/get to stuff for now for sure.  I realized I now have near 13 cycle jerseys.  Oops I think I'm off a few as at least 1 maybe 2 are in the basement.  Damn.  Oh well. 

Tonight I've got clip and ride or more like clip and walk trailwork at Wakefield.  I'll be happy if one other helper shows up.  I hope 10 don't as I don't have that many pruners!  :P

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