Thursday, May 02, 2013

PTI - Just one of those mornings.

Pardon the MC 2013 interruption but I have a few anecdotes to share from yesterday this morning. 

If you are excited for your first bike to work day in a while you inevitibly forget to set the extra early alarm you need.

While grumbling about missing out on the ride you forget to grab your keys, only realizing it when you have walked out the door shutting it.  And checking the stupid lock realizing the knob is locked and you have to call someone out of bed to let you back in. 

My mtb still had water in it yesterday when I near fully disassembled it, blew it out with compressed air, re-greased everything, and stuff.

Before a ride where the bike has been in the rain over night you must re-lube the chain even if you put a ton of lube on the night before or it will break. 

My derailleur was VERY loose on at least Monday's ride.

Beware of Cougar Mountain, in addition to Cougars it may have Tar Heels and also the rarely observed Flying Honey Badger.  I think one bounced off my helmet luckily at one point.  I was able to escape down the mountain before it woke up.

I need more hike-a-bike cross training.

More to come later I'm sure.

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