Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Iron Thone Game Man Vikings 3.1256

I don't often comment on my media habits but I do have to give big props for Iron Man 3 as being way better than 2, and almost catching 1 for being enjoyable entertainment and how well it came together.  Further on that note I'm also enjoying the heck out of Game of Thrones and watching Jamie Lannister, The Kingslayer, trying and cut a steak with only 1 hand.  Vikings has also been surprisingly good.  Imagine game of thrones on semi-basic cable.  Almost.  Still really enjoyable.  The fights can be brutal. 

Otherwise my regular media habits amount to books on tape when driving and occasionally
when riding. 

Otherwise it's music like this:

Or Red Fang or such. 

Riding my bike otherwise a bit, rain kept me off Monday and Tuesday but I'm back today.  Think I shaved a full minute of my best time this AM even on the Volpe with my commuting pack on.  Might try it again on Saturday packlessly and see what happens when I do it on the Fuji Carbon.  I've also named my bikes now that I've gone dark side and joined Strava. 

Paragon is Miss Daisy....
Volpe is uh Volpe Vengefull
Fuji Team Carbon is now Kamehameha. 

I think I was a bit drunk mentally when I was naming them but hey whatever. 

Photo's from MC 2013 are now online surprisingly from me.  I expected it to take into 2014 for me to find the cable.

Dinner tonight with the co-slaves, then ride home.  I suspect a probable b33r stop either at WF or VI.

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