Friday, January 07, 2011

Fro-zone and Where's the Snow?

I was lead to believe we would have some snow on the ground today.

Alas there was no fluffy white stuff on the ground out in Chantilly-ville. It was still a fun change to ride in and surprisingly I had my layers almost perfect. Nice 3.5 miles. So with 14 yesterday at Wake and 9 at Greenbriar Sunday I'll be at 30 at least for the new year. Maybe I'll even go nuts and ride in again tomorrow to push towards 40 for the week.

Wakefield is a damn rutted mess. When I started riding at 5:45 yesterday there were still a number of softspots. By 7:30 I think everything was frozen. At ride start it was around 30. By the time we were done I think it was 28. Some serious ruts out in the powerlines/phase 2 and on the creek trail. Also the powerstation descent is a horrible mess. TONS of riders out I think we had 20 signatures but I know a few late arrivals never signed in.

PLB's were quality time as TBL had brought out the heaters again. Todd and Anne rock! We had a few and then a Jefferson chaser. After wards 'roys was empty really.

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