Monday, January 10, 2011

Why so tired.

Went to Conway Robinson with Tuba yesterday and I started out actually feeling pretty good but a bit in my legs gave up and never recovered. I was grinding hard and WAY more in granny than I should have been. It blew. Ended up with 10 miles and a decent amount of climbing from doing the orange section twice.

Tuba posed his bike in the massive boulder field on a limb and took pictures ending up with him scrambling to the top of a boulder.

So in 9 days of riding this year I've hit 3 parks, and racked up about 40 miles. Not bad but I'm going to push more. This week I'll get Accotink on Thursday, and maybe I'll supplement with Cub Run (non official) on the way home tomorrow. On the nearby radar I've got gambrill's and Bakers Dozen coming up very soon.

Terrapin Side Project #13 - Big Vladyz Russian Imperial Stout - Excellent very smooth/rich on the mouth. Nice big RIS. Forgot to check the ABV. I'm gonna try and find 2 more bottles. 1 to save for a year or more and 1 for whenever.

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