Monday, January 24, 2011

More BEER than Bike and more Work than ever

What a weekend. An all call for something led to a long busy weekend of work and missing the first MORE board meeting. Sure I'm only staff but I wanted to be there but work owes me big now. Oh well. Not that I'm feeling sad for not riding in the hella-cold that was Sunday.

Lots of beer enjoyed recently, notables include

Sierra Nevada 2008 Wet Hop - very nice and smooth adn super well balanced. I wouldn't call it an IPA, it's more of an amber ale almost. Very nice regardless.

New Holland - Night Tripper Imperial Stout - Super nice and smooth a bunch of the fellas enjoyed Friday at work with Deep Fried Turkey. Almost as good as Terrapin Side Project - Dark Side Stout. Maybe one step down on complexity but very rich, malty and tasty.

Exit 4 - Not sure the brewery but a very nice IPA.

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