Friday, January 28, 2011

Snow Ride Fail - Sled Ride Win

The snow at WF last night was just still to deep with a semi-hard crust to make riding possible (even with an endomorph up front). So after some mild grumbling by the assembled misfit cyclists we proceeded from the regular parking lot to the high side of the ball field lots. After getting the rear of the big red truck set as our Weigh Station for Warming Beverages, we started sledding down the short but steep hill. I think the last time I went actually sledding may have been either 1990 or 1991. unless you count sliding down a hill with a snowboard on your feet on your butt.

After some warm up runs we started going for distance. This required navigating a moderately difficult path between the big red truck, a water fountain and a parking lot divider to maximize your distance. I put on the first record run not trying very hard. Dumb luck. Liz soon beat me, then Larry surpassed that. Eventually Scud stepped up and put in a MUCH longer distance and things got more serious. People started trying. Unfortunately the track was starting to wear and it took solid control to not end up on the divider or hitting the truck. Eventually after a couple back and forth lead changes El Jefe put in the biggest run getting almost to the street. Next year we bring a tape measure! And more shovels to build a ramp.

Hopefully we are done with the semi-annual MORE Sled Ride at Wakefield for the year. I keep hearing SNOW in the forecasts though.

Ordered a SWEET Ahearne flask and holder today.

And some evil genius at Plum Grove/Rockland MTB has added 1.2 miles to tomorrow's snot cycle course to re-route around a downed tree. Fun for racing in Saturday's hell.

Time to go medicate my aching body.

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