Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fun and Freezin Rain!

After getting done late today I scooted directly over to the Cub Run Rec Area and noodled around on the trails. It's a bit of paved, a bit of single track, and mostly double track. But it's quick and close and fun. At least this time I didn't prat fall on a stupid tiny rock, like in the summer. Tried to get a bit of video but that didn't work out it appears my glove was all over it and it ended too soon. Oh well. Got a few fun pictures. A few big flakes visible falling.

Near the end it start raining/snowing a bit. Then it went serious. Freezing rain. I carefully rode my way home along the paved trails. By the time I was getting to the house the sidewalks were also getting slick. My fleece and helmet had a coat of ice :) Pics to follow.

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