Friday, May 11, 2012

10000 Views. All those slow days at work paying off!

Just wanted to mention this blog is about to pass the 10K view mark after 20 years in the making.  Those long days of  hitting refresh from co-workers unlocked workstation are about to pay off in a big way once all the advertisers get a load of this!  hhahaha. 

Had a damn good group of 7/8 last night at Wake-o-Tink.  We railed and road the trails of Accotink which were damp but mostly ride able. We did the whole of Accotink from Boyscout and back.  Kept rolling and had good climbs. 

Had to bail directly after the ride due to work stuff alas, so didn't get to chill much.

So far I haven't noticed not having my big ring any more but WF/Accotink isn't log over city or the flatest place on earth though me and the other Rob did sprint down Danbury Forest after the school.  Can't wait to see the GPS, felt like I was flying.  Damn glad I had my glasses dirt/mud from the tires kept flinging up and hitting my face and chest.

Also while prepping I noticed the rear d was loose and tightened that back up and that I have a massively mashed rear spoke that needs replacement.  Argh.  Maybe it's more about where I ride these days.  It's not just Wakefield/etc so I loose more spokes to damage then I'm used to.  I'll give this rear wheel another 6 months and if it's still being a pain I'm gonna switch to some sort of straight pull spoke setup. Like C29ssmax from Mavic's or Sun Ringle Black Flag's. 

Hopefully going on a big ride Sunday morning or afternoon.  Still need to see the Avengers but not sure I want to go with the hordes on the weekend.  Dark Shadows also looks excellent.

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