Tuesday, May 08, 2012

As I suspected.

I came back into work today to un-surprisingly find my 2 new BBG bash guards sitting on my desk, apparently since Friday of all things.  Surprise!   Though realizing the last time I could have checked here was at 11'ish and the mail doesn't always come by then so it was 50/50 odds that they would have been here.  Oh well.

What can I say but chain ring scars on my right leg are sexy, chicks dig scars right?

Looking at The Diesel's logs of what the group did on the other side on Sunday I was VERY glad I did my own thing, they did another 1000 feet of climbing and I would have died and not held that pace either.

Tonight I should finish cleaning my bike, yesterday became a full on recovery day of taking it pretty easy and such.

 Also I cooked my un-used MC appetizer of a Fig, Prosciutto and Arugula Pizza and it was AWESOME.  I accidentally had gotten balsamic fig chutney and it worked out really well as it cut the sweetness of the figs and went well.  The mozzarella was awesome and adding bits of goat cheese really helped also.  Grilled on the gas grill it was amazingly good.  

So on to cleaning the bike and hopefully installing the bash guard tonight, then maybe hit the Avengers.  $207M is pretty sick for a movie opening on a non 3-day weekend. 

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