Friday, May 18, 2012

Oh Wakefield my friend.

Was feeling a bit tired in the legs last night so I did a pretty mimimal 4 mile'ish pre-ride staying in Wakefield.  Based on my power of the pre-ride I opted to keep the casual group in Wakefield and it was a nice change.  We've been riding mostly Accotink pretty regularly since mid March. 

Had 4 groups out with 32 signed riders and I think .  Most went to Accotink exlcluding us.  So we only saw a few bikers near the end like the fast guys who were coming up thru the bowl on their way back at 10 till 8.  Damn.

By the end my legs were pretty tired with probably about 14 miles total and 10 miles with the casual group.

Good times hanging out in the parking lot post ride and shooting the breeze. 

So far I haven't missed having my big ring much at all at Wake-o-Tink.  The rear wheel is going in on Sunday for spoke fix/retension after bashing a spoke up in PA 2 weeks ago.  I consider that not really the wheels fault but my own so I'm not putting that towards replacement. 

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