Thursday, May 17, 2012

Urban Assault on Arlington.

Great ride with some REAL nutters last night.  These guys have apparently been doing UA rides together in DC for 12 years or more.  Currently they leave out of the Sangamore Safeway.  Since they new some of us joining for this weeks ride wouldn't be on MTB's but road bikes and such a couple of them were also on roadbikes. 

We took off on time and hauled ass back down the hill to MacArthur Blvd and made our way down some goat paths to cross at Chain Bridge.  CRAZY!  Up 123 we went and then the back way leaving 123 up the hill.  ARGH it sucked I made it most of the way but crapped out up the hill.  Then down a bunch of back roads I used to use in REALLY bad beltway traffic, till I realized the Beltway was quicker.  ugh.  Some nice hills.  We eventually made it to the WO&D and I was trying to hang on.  Had a scary crossing on the way. WOW.  We eventually hit Columbia Pike and we motored on for the Arlington Drafthouse and Cinema.

We then saw a screening of 24 Hour Solo from 2006 with the director Jason Berry and the star, Chris Eat-off.  :P

Damn compelling movie, well done showing just how crazy you must be to ride your MTB on some insane course for up to 25 hours straight.  The guy who actually won that specific event ended up pushing himself way to hard and in the hospital for 3 days facing potential kidney failure.  And he didn't re-enter the 24 hour worlds again until 2010.  He did do some 24 hour events in AUS but admitted the traveling made it very hard to have a good crew. 

So back we went by way of WO&D to Mt.Vernon Trail to the C&O Canal to the CCT and back.  Ended up with 29 miles total (I forgot to start my gps at the very beginning.).  Avg speed of 15.2 with a max of 33.3 and that felt blazing!  Left knee is a bit sore/stiff from sleeping sprawled. 

Another ride tonight will add probably 10 miles and friday I'll add probably ANOTHER 10 on top, to bring my weekly mileage for the week to a completely SICK 70 miles.  That is for me.  Damn garmin connect's ability to graph stuff sucks!  I'd like to see a weekly activity graph/chart.  Oh well maybe I'll make a spreadsheet. 

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