Sunday, May 13, 2012

It's the i-Talians for the win.

Got out of work late Saturday and opted to spike Spokes and head directly down to Bikenetic in Falls Church.  Due to stupid traffic didn't make it in till 5:30'ish.  Ugh. 

Looked around a bit on my own and spotted something nice and basic on the wall.  A Bianchi Volpe.

Got the info on it (it was in my cheapo price range, and it was steel).  Had em throw a set of flats on since I was still in heavy pants from work and took it out for a quick spin at 5:45.  A couple laps of the parking area's and I took off for a bit more ended up going up the wo&d a bit before doubling back on back streets.  Was really impressed with it and the position was pretty damn good.  Later I found out why. 

Back at the shop at 6:05 feeling bad they were closed and I was a bit late they were still busy in the store.  I decided I need a longer ride to REALLY get the feel for it.  Go back tomorrow after a morning ride.

Well the morning ride didn't happen as I need to do some grooming with the caps loss, I could finally shave my ratty-ass-beard.  Then I hit the barbershop for a close date with Mrs.#1 Clipper.  I'd forgotten how REALLY short a #1 is.  Between the shave and a haircut a few people today didn't recognize me. 

Back at Noon for shop opening but there a bit late due to Bike DC.  No biggie.  They change out the flats for my clipless and I change into a riding shirt and shoes, forgoing the tights. A nice spin down and back the WO&D, taking a few detours for hills and doing some mini-trails and some gravel sections.  WOOT!


Back at the shop I tell Yon to pack it up I'm taking it home, we look at it and realize it's not a 57 but a 55. He has me get one and while I'm a bit smooshed full in the hoods/drops when up or on the main bar I'm fine if not a bit upright.  Also this one has a layback/setback seat post and with the seat adjusted we gave it an eyeballed measurement making the top tube effective the just about the 59 And I can raise my seat a bit more.  Also if I want to stretch a bit more I can rotate the bars a hair more down. 

After a beer lunch I came home and fought off the nap demons to go out on another spin to set the bike a bit more.  Adjusted the seat a bit higher and headed out.  Another damn fun spin around the land of exile.  As I get more comfortable I'm sure I'll end up a bit faster and as I ride more too.  Also the WTB All-terrain-asorous tires are not the fastest things out there.  I do plan to pick up some gatorskin slicks in the future to try.  Whee!

Now to grill and chill.

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