Monday, May 21, 2012

God I hate lawn work.

A complete first for me yesterday. 

NO ONE turned out for my trailwork day.  I admit I didn't publicize it like I wished but I still usually get a few late arrivals or a few kids who need volunteer hours.  This year I got 0.  Not that I was really disappointed.  It meant less thinking and some self time out to reflect as I murdered plant life up and down the CJ Trail.  So I started with cleaning up the Tuckerman RD to Goya section entrance.  Trimmed that way back.  Hopefully soon it will have a REAL sign.  Then cleared the corridor a bit up the hill, this section isn't ever to bad and only the entrance area will need a follow up before the fall/winter.    Then I drove up to the shopping center and started from the double bridge area first I worked my way back up the trail toward the entrance to pick off 2 bad spots I noticed then I cleared a bridge of debris and a creek also.  Then it was the long march.  I then worked all the way up till the next bridge.  Some area's I REALLY cleared heavily some were more minimal and will require follow up at the end of June for sure.  This was now a bit before 1pm and I wasn't quite done.  I drove over to the Bradley Rd trail intersections and cleared the big bridge entrance WAY back then crossed back over bradley and worked about half way up that section also.  1 or 2 more evenings in the next few weeks should have the basics in good shape. 

The re-route i wanted to do had to be postponed for major inspections/etc.  Looks like it may also involve more sections and end up on an old roadbed possible,  Good in that it will be high up and will dry off quick, bad in that it won't be as fun or flowy as some of the low area's stuff.    We have flagged a temporary line to move the tread up onto to make it okay but with only myself that didn't happen. 

And now it's raining again, looks like another wet early week and drying out a bit towards the end, though this week it's scattered or smothered or covered T-storms (Sorry have a bit of waffle house on the brain this morning it seems).  Hoping it lets up enough for a quick 10 miles or so at least this afternoon.

Big kudo's out to Rich D for winning the Single Speed class at the Pisgah 111k.  I can't imagine riding 69 miles of pisgah in one day.  I've done a fair chunk of the race.  Across 3 seperate days.  oy.

Off to find some slow moving lunch.

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