Monday, May 07, 2012

Man Camp Spring 2012 Wrap Up

Just a few highlights from Man Camp Spring 2012 Ed.

Day 3 - Descending Mt View.  Wow.  If that tree wasn't down half way it would be insane.
Day 3 - Descending Rock N Ridge (starting at 13)
Day 3 - Sitting in the CRAZY Cold creek where we parked to get the damn itchy grass spots to go away.
Day 3 - Darius making Toad's in the Hole.
Day 2 - Amazing dinner and post dinner drinks with a bunch of cool folks.
Day 2 - Death Wing at Boulevard Grill.
Day 2 - Getting the ABSOLUTELY FILTHIEST I've ever been on a MTB.  Way dirtier than the Dozen of 2011.  Riding in wet trails is BAD but it does feel a bit more real.  We did take the road where we could.
Day 2 - Making it up lots of rock garden stuff I couldn't have done last year for sure
Day 2 - Going between those big ass bolders.  Wish I could have ridden more of it without fear of grinding off a stray arm.
Day 2 - Big breakfast, and showing off my mad bacon cooking skills via the oven.  Thanks Hasaan! Though I didn't burn the bacon.
Day 1 - Starting cooking dinner at 10pm, finishing dinner at midnight with Creme Brule Ice Cream and Asparagus baked with prosciutto. 
Day 1 - Damn good beers and wings and Windbere Hotel with a bunch of cycling nutters.
Day 1 - Rode an amazing park nearly in a town with 16 miles of trail in a 1x1 mile area.
Day 1 - Meeting up with Dkeg and Darius for an unplanned lunch at Jean Bonnet Tavern.
Day 1 - Leaving on Time/almost early.

The Rough Stuff
Day 3 - Getting cut off and forced to go 35 miles in the wrong way on PA State Turnpike.
Day 3 - Rock thrown up by front wheel into ankle.  Still hurts.  Ouch.
Day 3 -  uh yah....never mind.
Day 2 - Getting Absolutely Soaked
Day 2 - No bug spray and my camp chair was in someone elses car.  D'oh.
Day 1 - Big Ring leaving me 10 new scars.

Big Thanks to:
Mike and Deb Mucker (sp) for leading, organizing, guidance!
Darius for the Invite
Craig for hanging back so I didn't feel so damn slow

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