Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Amazing day of weather

Truly awesome weather today other than the 15mph wind when headed into it.  Sub 80's!

Did a quick 12 mile spin in the hood to stretch the legs out from the running punishment the day before.  Legs were sore and not up to full power but felt okay by the end.  The timed mile was a bit quicker than before so thats good but due to pedestrian traffic on the trails I let up a bit more than I should have and missed a chance for 2:40 mile or less. Oh well next time. 

Heats coming in BIG time with temps hitting near 100 by the weekend.  fck.  At least I'm working and not sitting at home in the crap weather. 

Had a new beer today at Whole Foods, DuClaw's Serum a 9% IPA.  Pretty damn good.  Tried a taste of Re-PENT at 14% barley wine.  Maybe as a 8oz sipping/dessert beer.  Off to bed it's been a long day.  Tomorrow I think I'm gonna see about dropping the Volpe off for a tune up after work.

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