Monday, June 25, 2012

Meep Meep....

Well I did it again.  Oops.  Nope I didn't run into Ms.Spears but I did go jogging for the first time in 3+ years.  My out door running/jogging days are long past and I was never very serious.  In my 2nd college stint I got up to doing a fair amount of indoor track running (Too hot in FL for outdoor) and had a love/hate relationship with many treadmills on and off till I quit my gym 3.5 years ago.  Best $50 I've saved a month in a long time I still think. 

Today I went with a really slow pace and alternated slow jogging (walking) with slow running  (jogging).  A total of 35 minutes with about 17 in running.  I'm sure my legs will enter full rebellion tomorrow or will leave me looking like Vader post volcanic beauty treatment.  But it wasn't terrible.  The tech shirt was very nice to have and new shoes made a huge difference over my old ones.  I see getting a few pairs of running shorts in the future also, as my old gym shorts spandex has died.  When I put them on I heard more Snap, Crackle and Pop then a bowl of Rice Crispies. 

Just Gmap Pedometer calculated my route and it is just about 1.5 miles per lap and I did 2 plus a bit.  Wow, probably ran the equivalent of a whole lap. 

My new bibs for cycling still aren't in it appears the address may have been slightly borked but I figure they should have had a human eventually look at it and fix it.  ugh.

Bikes need cleaning but I'm pretty wiped.  Trying to figure out tomorrow's ride plan but that may be a bit aggressive knowing how my legs are feeling at the moment.  We shall see! 

Great weather tomorrow but then the heat of hell is back starting Thur and rocketing to 100'ish over the weekend again.  At least I'm stuck at work.  Maybe I'll do some after dark rides. 

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