Monday, June 18, 2012

Another week of Blah!

Got in a couple rides last week, thursday night was a bit low mileage but hey I did clip/trim back near a mile and a half of race course single track in case I do any of the W@W series this year.  Right now based on how hot Wednesday may be I plan on skipping week 1 for sure.  MId 90's would suck. 

Thursday this week has been lowered from 100/99 to only 96!  Phew.  I was wondering who was going to show up for a ride again along with the devil.  Maybe I'll bring popsicle's instead of beer.  Regardless it's going to be a warm middle of the week. 

Yesterday I only got 24 miles so tonight I'm planning on riding down into DC for another 20'ish.  Last 3 week's I've been avg 65 miles or so a week, and that feels pretty awesome.  Changed my seat position about a quarter of an inch higher on the CX bike for a "change" to see if that helped improve power/ease up.  What I noticed today is the soreness is in my VERY low quads so not sure. 

My Sunday ride was more of a touring/road riding test to see how the ride to Whole Foods in Lk Fairfax would be.  Not bad excluding 2 parts that would be a bit sketchy in traffic.  Not pushing made it over in about 30 minutes and back 26 or so. 

So as the Jester typically says, "Stay Frosty".

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