Saturday, June 02, 2012

Stormy Times

It's been pretty hecticc over the last week and change between the epic holiday parties for Memorial Day (2 BBQ's and 1 street festival), storms on and off and getting a few good rides in.

Unfortunately my plans for a big ride last weekend went up in BBQ Smoke, but a good time was had regardless.  The Sowebo festival in B-more was a good time, saw some good bands, drank a fair amount of beers, bought some t-shirts and relaxed. 

I got my rear mtb tire back on Thursday from the shop, having it re-tensioned after whatever went wrong with it and caused it to de-tension almost half way apparently.  I could have done the ride on the cross bike again, but this was funner for sure doing the bigger stuff in the 2nd half of Accotink. 

Had a HUGE turn out for the ride due to one of the regular's birthday being that day.  I think we had 36 or 37 riders in 5 groups.  Trails were in better shape in general than the last 2 weeks for sure. 

The next morning though I hurt, shoulders and abs in a way I don't usually feel from mtb.  Must have been from being off it for 2 weeks really.

Also had a self fitness sprint out the WO&D on wednesday doing about 28 miles in a bit over 90 minutes.  Forgot to start the gps at first.  D'oh.  The street crossings really suck as I wasn't in a group so I usually fully stopped or almost did to cross roads.  Didn't get passed the whole way out or back which felt good, passed a fair amount of people at various paces.  18 mph is a gas. 

Finally bottling the Choco-PeanutButter-Milk Stout tonight.  Bottling sucks but it's gotta be done and I want to get the IPA under way soon.  It's a Rogue clone.

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