Friday, June 22, 2012

Hotter than a .....

It was simply HOT last night.  A bit more humid than yesterday. 

Got to Wakefield around 5pm.  Took a while to get ready and I wasn't rushing.  Had to lube the damn chain and clean the bike a bit.  About 5:35 I headed out and ended up doing a modified 1st race course lap then a normal 2nd lap.  The times were unimpressive.  I wasn't feeling super strong.  My measured pace was 9.2 MPH on both my laps meaning probably 9.5. Looking back in Connect I see the last time I logged an Official W@W lap in Jully 2008 I was a tenth faster but my AVG heart rate was WAY higher. 

On my 2nd lap my Race Strap gave up and all my @#$@ went fling off the back of the bike (tube, levers, and CO2 cart).  Ugh.  Finding the 2nd lever was a bit of work, then stuffing all the crap in my jersey pockets due to stupid zippers. 

Only had 20 signed in riders this week versus 40 last week due to the race, the movie and the heat I suspect, still it was a good group.  On casual we had a ride start on heat exhaustion/stroke so I took her back on the CCT and she felt better after getting off the punishing hills in Accotink so we spun up to 236 and back.  I ended up with 16 and change logged meaning probably 17.5, which means I'm at 65 miles again for the week.  Not bad , just under 200 miles this month and 242 miles in the last 30 days.

Big weekend on the plans again, Beer Fest in sLeesburg tomorrow afternoon, and more bike buying work with J on Sunday probably.  I'd like to get in a good 30 to 40 but dunno if that will be possible. 

Tonight I may finally try going for my first jog in years and I have to clean out the Rogue.  The amount of crap I've let pile-up is a bit shocking. 

Had Southern Tier's Iniquity Black IPA - Nice and malty with a decent hop load, a maltier less hoppy version than say 21st Amendment's Black IPA. 

In foody news the owner of Volt up in Frederick MD is opening a diner serving traditional diner food modernized and it will probably be excellent but a fair hit pricey.  It's on my to-do list next time I'm up in Fred-neck and not sweaty, dirty and such.  It's name is Family Meal on N. East Street.  Yep another wonderfully confusing Frederick street name. North East Street.  sigh. 

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